Advance Intermediate Sold Wood Cello Instrument (4/4 Size)

Sold Maple Wood Cello Instrument

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Advance Intermediate Sold Wood Cello Musical Instrument


Cello is an exceptionally remarkable and charming instrument. The hand-carved cello instrument is designed and built with care and attention and is ideal for taking players into the music world.

Exquisite design with antique oil varnish. The cello is formed by our expert luthiers of The Violin Store an is further setup and perfected by the luthiers and professional musicians to win every heart of the purchasers.

As a professional or Advanced player, they need to play or practice for hours and hours, so if the player feels discomfort while playing though having a top-quality sound then it will give an adverse effect on their fingers and arms. The more they feel softness while pressing fingers on the strings the more comfortable they are going to be while playing.

The Violin Store is proud to sell these authentic instruments which are worth every penny. It has all the wonderful qualities which an advanced instrument should have.


The Violin Store is the only genuine online best Cello seller in India and the best professional cello brand in India. We sell genuine cello products (strings instruments). So we are very much conscious about quality control. We the team of The Violin Store strictly checked, examined, approved, and then served the product at your doorstep at the best price. The violin Store is additionally very concerned about the pricing in order that everyone can purchase their dream instrument to fulfill their dream.

We also provide repairing services of the instrument with the simplest possible rate. And here you can also rent your Cello instrument with none worry.


  • The Violin Store is the best online and offline seller in India.
  • The violin Store is the best professional cello brand in India.
  • It offers to repair the services of the instruments.
  • Also, it offers the rent of the cello instruments to the customers(advanced & professional)


Details & Features:

  • The Violin Store offers the best Cello instruments for an advanced player at the best price.
  • Size: 4/4 size acoustic wooden cello fit for the adults.
  • Color: Dark Brown with Light Yellow varnish on top, medium glossy varnish in front, and back that gives the real genuine look to the Cello Instrument at the best price in India.
  • Wood: Solid maple back, neck, and sides with a spruce top. Seasoned for 10years.
  • Purfling: Finely inlaid purfling to prevent breakage to the surface.
  • Ebony: Finely cut & shaped ebony fingerboard and pegs.
  • Accessories: Ebony tailpiece with alloy 4 fine tuners.
  • Comes with superior quality accessories.
  • The Cello bridge is perfectly cut and shaped so that strings feel soft on your finger.
  • Bow: Brazilwood octagonal bow with inlaid pearl and genuine Mongolian processed horse hair ready to use.
  • Cello case: It comes with hard case cello cover, with free rosin.
  • With 100% satisfaction. We bring you a package at the best price.
  • We serve you a customize shippingsecure packaging, and delivery at your step. So that you can buy with reliance.
  • Just one step ahead to grab your product.The Violin Store offering professional cello for sale.
  • 1-year warranty against any defects.


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