Alice (A-706) professional violin string

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Alice (A-706) professional violin string


Premium quality violin strings are crucial for achieving a rich and resonant sound on the instrument. Here are some factors to consider when looking for high-quality violin strings:

Professional high-quality imported stainless steel core, nickel-chromium windings with perfect touchy intonation.

Appropriate with all sizes of the violin - 4/4, 3/2, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8.

The Violin Store has a keen observation of every detail of the accessories of the instrument. 



Synthetic Core: Strings with synthetic cores an advanced material, offer a warm and stable sound. They are less sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.

Steel Core: Steel core strings provide a bright and focused sound. They are often more stable and longer-lasting than gut strings, making them suitable for various playing conditions.


Silver or Gold Winding: Premium strings often feature windings made of silver or gold, which can enhance the tonal qualities and playability of the strings.


Variable Tension Options: Some string sets offer different tension options (e.g., light, medium, heavy). The tension affects playability and the instrument's responsiveness, allowing players to choose strings that match their preferences.


Thin to Thick Gauge: Players may have preferences for thin or thick gauge strings. Thinner gauges can be more responsive and provide a brighter sound, while thicker gauges may offer a warmer and more powerful tone.

E String Material:

Platinum-Plated or Gold-Plated E String: Premium sets often include a high-quality E string, sometimes plated with platinum or gold, to enhance brilliance and prevent whistling.

Playing Style:

Matched to Playing Style: Consider strings that complement your playing style. Different strings may be better suited for classical, jazz, or other genres.

Professional Setup:

Expert Installation: Having the strings professionally installed and set up on your violin can significantly impact their performance. A luthier can optimize the instrument for the specific string set.


Investment in Quality: Premium quality strings are an investment in the instrument's sound. While they may be more expensive, they often offer better tone, response, and durability.


Try Different Sets: Every violin is unique, and the best string set may vary from one instrument to another. It's worth experimenting with different string brands and compositions to find the ideal combination for your violin.

Remember that the "best" violin strings are subjective and depend on personal preferences, playing style, and the characteristics of the violin. Trying out different sets and seeking the advice of knowledgeable luthiers or experienced players can help you find the perfect premium strings for your violin.

Features & Details

  • Strings model - Alice A-706, Brand- Alice
  • Materials - Stainless Steel Core, Durable, Nickel Chromium
  • Other features - Stainless Violin Strings with E- 1st string(0.13mm), A- 2nd(0.15 mm), D- 3rd(0.28 mm), G- 4th(0.4 mm)
  • Packaging - 4 x Strings. Set of 4 strings in A706 model violin string


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