Basic Square Violin Case(Imported)

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Basic Square Violin Case

A fully featured foam violin square case, 4/4 full size. You won't find a better option than this super lightweight, sturdy, durable, and affordable violin oblong case.

A violin case is the most important tool for a violinist. As we know that a good quality violin is very important for a violinist but keeping it safely in a well covered sturdy case is that much necessary for long-lasting. The case will keep your violin safe when traveling to perform.

Features & Details:

  • Size: A fully-featured imported luxurious oblong foam case, 4/4 size. Black case from outside and blue from inside.
  • Internal: The interior consists of 4 accessories compartment, blanket, and suspension cushioning with 2 violin bow holders.
  • Quality: Super quality hardware, well stitched solid hard plastic handle. Super comfortable for carrying.
  • External: 1 external zipper pocket.
  • Protection & Safety: Highly protective with super suspension cushion that keeps the violin centered so as to minimize the damage on the instrument while traveling.


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