Guarneri Professional German Violin

Guarneri Violin German Violin

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Guarneri Professional German Violin 


Bartolomeo Giuseppe Guaneri was an Italian luthier from Guaneri family of Cremona. Guarneri is known as del Gesù(letarally of Jesus).

Guarneri Violins often have a deep and more rotund tone than Stradivari Violins. The German Violin after Guarneri was made by Franz Sander. Solid German Spruce top, well-flamed maple back, side, and neck.Naturally aged wood for above 20 years. Supreme quality ebony, pegs, and tailpiece with antique finishing, 

Made in German with selected woods.Violins with a very deep and sonorous tone, with great harmonics and excellent response to the bow.

This excellent professional violin model is the perfect instrument for the professional violinist. Featuring highest quality maple producing great tone, projection, and response. An excellent instrument for the professional violin player. Not only is this violin the best from The Violin Store that you can get it also an 'Authentic piece of Art'.

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