professional violin case

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Professional violin case


A professional violin case is an essential accessory for any serious violinist. These cases are designed to provide maximum protection to the delicate instrument while also offering convenience and style. Here are some features commonly found in professional violin cases:



Features & Details

Construction Materials:

Outer Shell: Professional cases often have a hard outer shell made of materials like carbon fiber, fiberglass, or wood. This provides durability and protection against external impacts.

Interior Padding: The interior is lined with plush materials like velvet or padded foam to cushion the violin and protect it from scratches and temperature changes.


Security Features:

Locks: High-quality cases come with secure locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the safety of the instrument.

Hygrometer: Some cases have built-in hygrometers to monitor humidity levels and help maintain the ideal environment for the violin.


Design and Style:

Exterior Finish: Professional cases often have a sleek and stylish exterior finish. Carbon fiber cases, for example, can have a modern and minimalist appearance.

Hardware: The hardware, such as latches and handles, is usually made of durable materials like metal. These components contribute to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the case.


Carrying Options:

Backpack Straps: Many cases come with backpack-style straps for easy carrying on the back.

Side Handle: A sturdy side handle provides an alternative carrying option.

Adjustable Straps: Adjustable straps allow for a customized and comfortable fit.


Accessory Compartments:

Bow Holders: Cases typically have secure holders for violin bows to prevent them from moving around during transport.

Accessory Pockets: Storage compartments for rosin, extra strings, and other accessories are common in professional cases.


Weight and Size:

Lightweight: Professional cases are designed to be lightweight while still offering excellent protection.

Compact: They are often compact to ensure easy portability without sacrificing protection.


Customization Options:

The Violin Store customizes some professional cases and offers customization options, allowing musicians to choose specific features or finishes to suit their preferences.

Popular brands that manufacture professional violin cases include Bam, Musafia, Gewa, and Bobelock, among others. When selecting a professional violin case, it's essential to consider the specific needs of the musician, such as the level of protection required, the style preference, and the frequency of travel.


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