Solid Wood Beginner Viola 15.5 inch-16 inch(Mat Finished)

Beginner Viola 15.5 inch - 16 inch

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Solid Wood Beginner Viola 15.5 inch - 16 inch ( Mat Finished)

The sound of a Viola lies between the brilliant tone of a violin and a deep resonance of a cello. It is a bass clef instrument having strings C, G, D, A.

This is a well constructed solid wood and delightful matte finish Viola is a superb choice for students as well as for beginner or intermediate-level violists. All components are made from high-quality solid wood, including a brazilwood bow with real Mongolian horsehair.

Rich deep tone premium solid wood viola comes fully assembled and prepared to play, solid spruce top and maple back, ebony fingerboard, pegs, chinrest tailpiece. Attractively styled with quality accessories comes with other necessary products like bow, viola case, and rosin to satisfy the entire package.

Solid Wood is naturally dried before each viola is constructed for quality sound and sturdiness. The professional luthiers of The Violin Store are strictly checked, examined, and approved with perfection and convey it to the doorstep at the best price.

If you carefully undergo this guide, you'll definitely find out how to seek out an honest viola for you.

Points to be noted while buying a viola:

  • You need a viola that is proper in size for your body.
  • It should be made of quality materials and feels comfortable in your hands and under the chin.
  • It also must have a deep resonance that makes it such a crucial instrument.
  • Must be made from solid wood which is naturally dried.
  • Stay within your budget.


Details & Features:

  • The Violin Store brings a wide range of products for sales.
  • Deep rich in tone. Solid wood hand-carved spruce top, maple back, ebony fingerboard, chinrest, pegs, tailpiece.
  • Magnificent brown varnish  15.5 inch-16 inch solid wood viola. Well constructed for the beginner as well as intermediate violists.
  • Styled attractively with quality accessories.
  • Naturally dried wood before construction of every viola for quality sound and sturdiness.
  • It comes with a free wooden bow with Mongolian horse-hair processed within the factory able to use.
  • Including a free viola case with good quality free rosin.
  • Under 10,000 we are offering you a genuine solid wood viola product in an exclusive sale with assurance to start out your dream.
  • With a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Violas for sale.
  • Grab your own choice of viola at the best online reasonable price rate in India.
  • Customize shipping and secure packaging. so that you can buy with reliance.
  • The Violin Store assures you of the standard product and secure servicing at the best cost price.

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