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Solid wood Violin

Designed Violins for Beginner and Intermediate students at the best price. The tone is very important for a beginner, pure, and clear tone is very much necessary for a beginner and intermediate players, as it will help them to master the correct tone. Another important thing is the weight of the violin instrument, the lighter the weight the easier to hold for a long time.

So, keeping these things in mind we the team of The Violin Store, the expert luthiers, and the professionals have crafted each instrument carefully. You can find genuine violins at the best price.


Details & Features

  • The Violin Store offers you a wide range of violin at the best price in India.
  • Materials: Solid wood spruce top, maple back and sides dried for 7 years. Good quality ebony fittings, aluminum, magnesium alloy strings, fine quality fine tuners.
  • Adjusting the weight of each part of the violin, so that it can be easier for students to hold, especially the fingerboard, the weight of the fingerboard can give a huge impact on the violin. The perfect measurement of the fingerboard is necessary for the violin, easier to hold, and play for a longer period of time.
  • Hand-carved spruce top, maple back, ebony tailpiece, fingerboard, pegs, chinrest, alloy tailpiece with a pack of 4 fine tuners and maple bridge carefully assembled by a professional luthier.
  • Violin bows with original Mongolian horse-hair to glide on the violin strings smoothly with quality rosin.
  • Lightweight triangle hard-case,------(wood) perfect balanced bow with original Mongolian horsehair well processed in the factory ready to use comfortably and fine quality rosin.
  • With 100% satisfaction, we bring you the best violin in a whole new package at a remarkable price.
  • We serve you to customize shipping and secure packaging and delivery at your doorstep. So that you can buy with reliance.
  • 1-year warranty against any defects.

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