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A "single back professional violin" is often a violin with a back manufactured from a single piece of highly figured, high-quality wood. In violin manufacturing, the back of the instrument is normally fashioned from a single piece of wood, while certain violins may have backs made of two or more pieces linked together. A single-piece back is frequently preferred for its visual appeal and potential impact on sound quality.


The term "professional violin" usually refers to a high-quality instrument designed for professional players or serious students. These violins are usually constructed by professional luthiers with carefully chosen materials and traditional building processes.


Here are some points to consider when purchasing a single-back professional violin.

  • Structure: Top made of highest quality Italian spruce, and back of Bosnian maple
  • Varnish: Antiqued Italian oil varnish
  • Fittings: Boxwood
  • Bridge: Hand-carved professional-level aubert violin bridge
  • Strings: Player's or Maker's choice. We select and match the strings carefully to bring the most out of each instrument. For any string preference, please contact us or add a comment to your order

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