Premium Quality Carbon Fiber Violin Bow ( Golden Inlay)

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Professional Violin Bow ( Golden Inlay )


We are the only Bow Wholeseller in India, We can provide various Premium quality bow at an affordable price.

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The Violin bow is the most important accessory of all, without a quality bow, the violin would be an incomplete instrument.

  As far as musicians experience they mainly face problems with the wooden bow as it can get easily broken due to the fluctuations of the temperature in different places. But it does not happen to a Carbon Fiber bow.


  • As the composition of the materials makes it sturdy and durable.
  • It is more stable and safe than a normal wooden bow.
  • This versatile bow can perfectly go with any violin model.

Features & Details:

  • Wood: We only use high-quality Carbon Fiber, Pernambuco, and Brazilwood for our bows to make it highly durable.
  • 100% carbon fiber: Violin bow designed by Professional luthiers.
  • Design: Presented in beautiful black and golden check patterns on the body.
  • Frog material: It comes with a natural ebony frog with a gold inlaid.
  • Bow hair: Fitted with natural Mongolian horse hair for greater strength.
  • Bow weight: 59-62gm, achieves perfect balance, and for optimal playing.
  • Quality control: All the bows of the violin store are made by professional luthiers. Each product of the violin store strictly checked, examined, and approved by the professionals.

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